Fine Dry Milling Andair Classification Systems

Fine Dry Milling Andair Classification Systems

This equipment manufacturer specialises in fine dry milling andair classification systems. Its systems are inoperation on all five continents, processingindustrial minerals, cement, lime, fly ash, claysand numerous other fine and ultrafine dryproducts. RSG maintains a state of the art pilotplant for air classification, dry ball milling,crushing and ultrafine grinding.

As part of a program of continuous productimprovement, International InnovativeTechnologies (IIT) has further developed itspatented m series of high efficiency verticalmilling equipment with the introduction of anew second generation system for high yieldminerals and powder milling applications. Thistechnology is suitable for the milling of a widerange of natural raw materials and industrialproducts, such as aluminium oxide, siliconcarbide, zirconia, calcium carbonate andlimestone products‚ coal‚ fly ash and differenttypes of slag.

The upgraded system uses heavy dutycastings in a range of modular grinding optionsto meet the needs of different materials, particlesize requirements and throughput volumes.These include a special twin mill systemconfiguration, using two grinding modulesoperating in parallel from a common feed, forcomplete flexibility of material throughput andincreased production outputs.

Grinding modules can also be arrangedvertically in series for multi-stage millingrequired for the production of certain grades ofmaterial.

The second generation m series mills alsoincorporate pressurised oil cooling andlubrication for extended bearing life, enhancedsealing integrity and the cooling of criticalequipment assemblies. In addition, systems canalso be provided with forced air circulationthrough the mill for product cooling andmoisture removal where necessary.

In addition a number of special features havebeen introduced to both reduce wear in the millcaused by hard materials and eliminate thedanger of contamination of product.Compact and powerful‚ the centrifugalgrinding mechanism of the m-series is extremelyefficient with the vertical material flow path andspecial roller assembly ensuring that the forceproduced is translated into maximum particlegrinding power. To meet the specific requirements of particularly demandingapplications and hard minerals, this feature hasbeen further enhanced in the upgraded systemwith a range of material options for the grindingrollers and rings, including abrasion resistanttool steels, high chrome iron and ceramictooling.

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