Cyclone Unit

Cyclone Group

The cyclone unit is a device for separating and removing heavy particles of coarse sediment in the sewage. Sometimes used for mud dehydration.

Two kinds of pressure type and gravity type, the circular cylinder body structure or metal pipe production. Water pressure or gravity from the upper part of the structure (or metal tube) into the tangent.

Under the action of centrifugal force, heavy particles are thrown into the wall and rotate downward and the formation of pus discharge. The smaller particles are rotated to a certain degree, although the two time after the vortex is discharged.


HaiWang cyclone group of each of the mine mouth are installed Haiwang mining machine company developed gapless valve, the valve reliable operation, small resistance movement, while the small size of the valve space, reducing the entire cyclone group diameter


HaiWang cyclone group can be equipped with classification automatic control system respectively for black, non-ferrous metals and coal, mineral chemical, non metallic minerals, building materials and other mineral property setting parameters, the pool pump level and the flow of slurry pump, outlet pressure, pulp concentration, the motor speed detection and automatic adjustment, ensure the cyclone inlet stability index.

HaiWang cyclone can meet the large mines the ore demand, customized hydrocyclone group, according to different to the ore particle size, the underflow concentration and production quantity of hydrocyclone for selection and to determine the number of hydrocyclone. Its classification efficiency than spiral classifier of 20-30% higher, can reach 70% to 85%.

In addition, the cyclone group HaiWang combination of ingredients and other equipment level device groups can improve the mill’s processing capacity of more than 15%, one of the multifunction screen assembly equipment can overflow coarse particles automatically return mill.

cyclone group

Product Advantages

Inside are lined with HaiWang wear-resistant rubber, including housing, piping and key parts are all made by encapsulating process, the cyclone life of up to 2 years.

HaiWang cyclone group smooth operation, high efficiency grade.