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Application: grinding-classification processes
Country: Pakistan

Project Description

Duddar lead-zinc mine of Pakistan was found in 1988, the length of lead-zinc mine’s mineral vein is 1100 meters, the thickness of ore bed is over 6.5 meters, the mineral resources is in the amount of about 50 million tons. Haiwang hydrocyclone co., ltd. has supplied hydrocyclone equipments for lead-zinc mine’s grinding classification process.

luanshya muliyashi copper mine

Application: grinding-classification process
Country: Zambia

Project Description

Zambia Luanshya copper mine is located in Luanshya City, Copperbelt Province of Zambia, the mining area of 145 square kilometers. Since October 2009, it has been upgraded and reformed after acquisition by China Nonferrous Metals Group.
The mine was targeting to produce 1,000 tonnes of copper ore per month, approximately 11,000 tonnes per year, before increasing to 2,000 tonnes per month.
The hydrocyclone equipments of Haiwang hydrocyclone co., ltd. has made great contribution to transformation of mineral processing technology in the mining area.


Project Info

Application: milling grading
Country: Uzbekistan

Project Description:

Uzbekistan Dekhkanabad potash project was operated promotion and reformation project in 2014, after the completion of the project, the production capacity will be increased to 600 thousand tons from 200 thousand tons. Haiwang hydrocyclone co., ltd. supplied a series of hydrocyclone equipments for classification, separation, concentration and dewatering of potassium mines.


Application: grinding-classification process
Country: Philippines

Project Description

PASAR is the only one copper smelting company in Philippines. Haiwang hydrocyclone co., ltd. has supplied a large number of hydrocyclone classification equipments for grinding classification process of Pasar’s copper plant.


Application: grinding classification processes
Country: Australia

Project Description

SINO iron mine annual designed processing capacity is 84 million tons, the whole mineral technic is formed by 6 production lines. After put into operation, SINO iron mine will become the world largest magnetite production basement, with annual output 24 million tons of high grade concentrate magnetite.

The project started in 2006, put into production by the end of 2012. Since 2013, when NO.1 and NO.2 production line has put into production for 3 years, an international brand hydrocyclone which configured in A section of grinding classification was serious blockage, also with low treatment capacity, totally couldn’t meet the production demand.

Haiwang was invited to undertake A section of grinding classification’s technical transformation since April 2015. Our experts team closely cooperated with SINO field experts, combined with the powerful clients database of haiwang, after repeated discussion and demonstration, we decided to use our owned patent new type FX840-P hydrocyclone to replace Gmax33 hydrocyclone. After reformation the hydrocyclone operated stably with excellent index, the production capacity of grinding classification system also has improved. SINO recognized and highly praised our hydrocyclone’s performance and practicality.

At the present time, 84 sets of haiwang FX840-P hydrocyclone has been applied in all 6 series of mineral processing of Sino iron mine. 6 lines are all in stable and high efficient operation with the longer service life equipments.


Application: grinding-mine-classification
Country : Tajikistan

Project Description

Pakrut gold mine, located approximately 120km north-east of Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The mining license for the Pakrut gold project was issued in January 2012 and is valid until November 2030. Construction of the mine began in September 2012 and operations are expected to commence in 2014. As of March 2014, the main decline was developed to a depth of 600m out of the planned 1,800m. The west ventilation access decline was developed to 285m out of the planned 520m.

The mine is estimated to process 660,000t of ore per annum initially and 1.32 million tonnes per annum from 2017.

Pakrut gold reserves

Pakrut gold mine is a part of the Pakrut license area, for which the exploration and trial mining license was awarded in 2004. The Pakrut area is located in the southern part of the Tien Shan Fold belt, which holds the world’s second-largest known gold reserve.

Haiwang hydrocyclone co., ltd. supplied hydrocyclone classification equipments for grinding classification process of Tajikistan Pakrut gold mineral processing plant project.

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